Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Latest Campaign from Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia

From 15 April to 12 May 2010 Australians will have the chance to upload why they think There’s Nothing Like Australia with a photo onto with entries being used to create a new interactive map of Australia.

It didn't take long for someone set up a site doing a parody of the $150 million advertising venture. Probably knowing how badly it could backfire on them the tourism body has decided to take no action with the website, despite the mock ads using Tourism Australia's intellectual property.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earth Hour around the world - Boston Globe

Boston Globe

Whether you agree with Earth Hour or not - tell Andrew Bolt, but this photo gallery is amazing. Click on a photo and turn off the lights at some of the world’s biggest landmarks, including the Harbour Bridge and Greece’s Acropolis.

The Truth about Pink Batts?

Some interesting facts about Batts of the Pink Variety and how media spin can distort the truth.

Adele Horin from Fairfax News "The Batts may have burnt but they averted a greater tragedy"

What's Happening in the Deep North

It's raining!

Birdwatchers Beware!

Birdwatchers = terrorists & criminals?

From the Northern Myth