Saturday, April 26, 2014

“Nothing Is Free… except speech, we have free speech.”

“Nothing Is Free… except speech, we have free speech.”

‘In a recent speech, he (Mr Hockey) said the PBS, which cost $9 billion in 2013, was one of the largest contributors to health spending growth over the past decade, along with Medicare, the private health insurance rebate and public… Read More ›

Rossleigh Brisbane is a writer, director and teacher. As a writer, his plays include "The Charles Manson Variety Hour", "Pastiche", "Snap!", "That's Me In The Distance", "48 Hours (without Eddie Murphy)". and "A King of Infinite Space". His acting credits include “Pinor Noir Noir” for “Short and Sweet” and carrying the coffin in “The Slap”. His ten minutes play, “Tangled Web” appeared in the 2012 Short and Sweet festival, and his play "The Cross-Eyed One" will be in the 2013 Short And Sweet Festival.
He has recently joined the Australian Arts Party.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Electricity privatisation in Queensland

The current Queensland conservative government has regularly shown their ongoing desire to offload our state owned assets. In their brief time in government they have not been known for being truthful to the Queensland public and there is a risk that this state could possibly follow the disastrous road taken by the conservative Kennett government in Victoria back in the nineties with the privatisation of the state electrical authority. This video outlines a point of view that privatisation does not always bring lower prices and the costs extend further than just your power bill.